Validation of Shia Sources of Traditional Exegesis

Abdolhadi Masoodi

 To validate Shia and Sunni sources of traditional exegesis, it is possible and necessary to analyze them by content and document. Sources of traditional exegesis, both Sunni and Shi`a, are divided into early and late sources. Hence, sources of traditional exegesis are assumed in four groups. In this paper, the early and late Shi`a sources are published in this issue and other groups of the early and late Sunni sources will be published in the next. The author of the present paper first deals with the early Shi`a sources of traditional exegesis: "the exegesis attributed to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s)", "Ali bin Ibrahim Qummi’s Exegesis", "Ayashi’s Exegesis", "Furat Kofi’s Exegesis" and "Hibari’s Exegesis" then he comes up with the Shi`a recent traditional exegesis: "Safi", "Al-Burhan", and "Noor al-Thaqlayn" and finally he gives a brief account of "Kanz al-Daqaiq", "Tafsir Muasir (Contemporary Exegesis)", and "Tasir al-Athari al-Jami`".

Key Words: Traditional Exegesis, Validation of Exegetical Sources, the Early Shi`a Sources of Traditional Exegesis, the Shi`a Recent Traditional Exegesis.

 * * *