Resurrection of Karbal Released
Publish Date: 12/25/2013 Code: 28542

Resurrection of Karbal Released

This audio book accompanies moment by moment, the Karavan of Hussain telling in a simple but skillful way, the incident of Karbala.

Resurrection of Karbal Released

The audio book "Resurrection of Karbala", which narrates 160 different pieces from the book, "Imam Hussain (a.s), on the basis of Quran, ahadith and history", from Aytullah Ray Shahri and his team. This audio book accompanies moment by moment, the Karavan of Hussain telling in a simple but skillful way, the incident of Karbala.  

This set of narrations from four volumes of the valuable book "Resurrection of Karbala" which has been published coinciding with Muharram of last year. In the month of Muharram, this year Dar al-Hadith institution with the help of Media production section of office of Cultural and Communications dept, has published the first audio book for the public use.

Taking into consideration the simple style of writing of these 4 volumes, which tells the authentic incidents of history in the form of short pieces in an attractive and skillful way, the audio book tries by using religious and modal music and acoustics, to present the book as the narration of stories. This not only does not cause listener to become tired but makes him feel inside the story and brings him along with the narrator at different places in the incident.

This set is available as 4 cds in original quality or a single cd of compressed mp3 format, having four sections consisting of 160 audio pieces in 600 minutes, consisting the following sections:

  1. Till Ashura : from book with the same name by Mustafa Poornajati constituting 19 narratives regarding the entry of Karavan of Imam Hussain (a.s) into Karbala till the night of Ashura.
  2. Day of Ashura: from book with the same name by Ahmad Gulamali constituting 66 narrations of incidents on the day of Ashura.
  3. Afternoon of Ashura: from book with the same name by Mahdi Gulamali constituting 37 narrations of incidents on the afternoon of Ashura.
  4. Women of blood plains: from book with the same name by Zehra Babaii constituting 37 narrations regarding the presence of women and their role in the Hussaini movement of Karbala.

Total of four vocal actors and speakers consisting of Ali Farhnak, Shahin Ahmadiyan, Gulam Husain Mohammed Rezaii and Ms. Azam Farhadi, each of one them accompanying one of these sections. These artists apart from technical and artistic factors of production, tried to mix their inner feelings with the incidents from history from the book, by extending it beyond the book creating its portrayal in mind even though it was difficult due to the style of writing at some places.

On the other hand, it can be used in the automobiles, cellphones and even with the domestic audio devices without needing the conditions required for reading or other specific conditions. This enables one to use it during the work. All the technicalities like religious music and special vocal effects have been embedded into this authentic set of narrations of incident of Ashura.

For more information regarding this book please refer to the website

Also the sample audio pieces of the said audio books can be download from this website.

God willing, before the Arbaeen, this year the complete set will be published and available for the lovers of Imam Husain (a.s).

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