A Survey of Diraya al–Hadith

Ali Naqi Khodayari

The emergence of ilm dirayat al–hadith was followed by its division into numerous branches.  Certain rules and guidelines were evolved for distinguishing reliable from unreliable hadiths. The body of such rules came to be called mustalah al–hadith, which together with ilm al–rijal formed the means of scrutinizing hadith material. However, for this purpose, knowledge of other preliminaries Arabic grammar and syntax, familiarity with literary style and form, knowledge of nasikh and mansukh verses of the Quran, knowledge of the history of Islam and that of various Islamic sects and their beliefs, other details regarding hadith, is necessary.

Key Words: Diraya al–Hadith, Mustalah al–Hadith, Nasikh and Mansukh, the Quran.

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