The Shia of Musa al–Kazim at the Emergence of the Waqifiyya

M Ali Buykkara

Translated by Vahid Safari

When Musa al–Kazim b. Jafar al–Sadiq died in 183 / 799, a big division took place within the Imami community. A considerable number of people who followed him including some prominent disciples of al–Kazim denied the death of the Imam and declared that he had gone into occultation and would come back some day as the Qaim to restore justice and equity on earth. This study aims to investigate the schism that had taken place in the Imami Shia community.  The largest split was caused by a group called the Waqifiyya. Despite the fact that this split was one of the important incidents in the history of Shia because it was long – lasting and of serious dimensions, incomprehensive academic work examining it been done in western languages.

Key Words: Emergence of the Waqifiyya, Musa al–Kazim b. Jafar al–Sadiq.

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