Allama Shushtari’s Method in Document Evaluation in al–Nujha (Pt. 2)

Muhammad Husayn Bahrami

Contrary to the case of the holy Quran, the traditions inherited from the infallible Imams were not immune from forging and falsification. Notable is that the ban for collecting hadiths provided the falsificators and forgers with much opportunity; on the other hand such unintentional misleadings (such as paraphrasing and transcription errors) contributed to the above trend. One way to distinguish authoritative from non – authoritative hadiths, is to study the alternations made in its chain of transmitters; this may result in either rejection or confirmation, weakening or strengthening the authoritativeness of a hadith. The present paper is a classification of Allama Shushtari’s methods in evaluating the documents and identifying any falsification in their authoritativeness.

Key Words: Document Evaluation, Allama Shushtari’s Method, al–Nujha.

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