Ashab Hadith: Their Approach to Hadith

Hadi Hujjat

One of the active and effective schools of thought among the Sunnite communities is the Ashab al-Hadith or traditionistic School of thought. Their views and opinions left very deep effect in different fields of Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Theology and Tafsir (interpretation). To mention some main characteristics of this group, we can point to irrationalism and exorcism in interpreting the texts and their effort to maintain hadith. The author of this paper comes up with the abovementioned characteristics and rejects the traditionists views regarding Khabar Wahid as informative as well as preferring Sunna over Quran.

 Keywords: Ashab al-Hadith, Traditionistic School of Thought, Irrationalism, Exorcism

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