Book Released on Secrets of Death by Imam Ali
Publish Date: 3/8/2014 Code: 29869

Book Released on Secrets of Death by Imam Ali

Imam Ali’s View on Death is a new book penned by Ahmad Fatemi which focuses on death in Islam with quotations from Imam Ali (peace be upon him).



Book Released on Secrets of Death by Imam Ali



IBNA: The work is arranged in three major parts focusing on the views of thinkers of death, philosophical and scientific discussions on death and death viewed by Imam Ali.

The work begins with views by western and eastern thinkers and moves on with philosophical deliberations and sums up with Imam Ali’s remarks about death.

Death is one of the most engaging concepts for humans since the start of the creation and everybody tends to cast their own views on the issue with regards to their mental and intellectual strength. In Islam, death is seen as a bridge that links the mortal life with the eternity and remembrance of death is highly recommended in Islamic literature.

Imam Ali was one of the Islamic figures who constantly reminded his followers of death and revealed intriguing secrets about it.

The work is arranged in 218 pages and is published by Bustan Ketab Publications in the Iranian book market.


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