Light of the Divine Embodied in Hazrat Fatimah (SA)
Publish Date: 2/11/2020 Code: 29931

Light of the Divine Embodied in Hazrat Fatimah (SA)

The light of the prophethood and the light of the divine is embodied in Fatimah (SA), a Lebanese university scholar said.

Speaking in an interview with Press TV, Beirut University professor Mohsen Salih discussed the commemoration of the martyrdom anniversary of the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA). What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: I’d like to get your thoughts on the special position that Hazrat Fatimah (SA) holds within Islam.

Salih: Good morning. Of course when the Shia and the Muslims commemorate or mourn this day, I guess they are trying to revive their heritage, their culture. The light of the prophethood and the light of the divine is embodied in Fatimah, may peace be upon her: she is the mother of her father, she is the wife of the first Imam [Ali] and probably the preserver of Islam after years of problems, she is the mother of the two Imams, Hassan and Hussein, may peace be upon them all, the promised ones of the masses...of the garden. I guess she preserved ... in her mind, in her behavior, the totality and the universality of Islamic teachings because she has inherited these doctrines and these teachings from her father. She also did whatever she could in order to preserve the word of God. Muslims and especially the Shias need to do this every year in order to preserve their right path to God and in their social life. That’s why I guess we are here combining all these elements in order to preserve our good mentality in our way, in our path to the divinity.

Press TV: Professor Salih, looking at ceremonies such as the ones we were looking at in our previous broadcast from various cities all over Iran and ceremonies such as this one commemorating the passing anniversary of Hazrat Fatimah, or on days like Ashura and 40 days later in Arbaeen, how do you explain that given the fact that all these years have passed, the sorrow of the mourners is so real, so fresh and so tangible?

Salih: I guess the Islamic society in general and the Shia society in particular feel that they are united, they are strong and they have this kind of solidarity. Why? Really having this revolvement around these teachings and especially about these symbols, Sayedah Fatimah, may peace be upon her, she is not only as a body, as a daughter, she is also as a sacred personality in Islam and could bring all Muslims around her, around this personality and about her behavior and teachings, in order to make their issues and cases in this world come true, and they could really have a kind of philosophy about this. This philosophy stems from the unity of Islam, the confrontation of injustice, dictatorship and corruption. This also would really embody the line of prophethood and the line of Islamic message. That’s why I guess as much as they are collected around these figures like Sayedah Fatimah, may peace be upon her, the more they preserve their identity, culture and heritage. By this, they might become very strong and they can confront the materialism, blasphemy and all these terrorist groups who want to really try to destroy and distort Islamic teachings. By doing this, I guess we are going to straighten this line in order to preserve the real Islamic teachings, would carry the human being for the right path, for justice and for, really, humanity – the humanitarian way of dealing with the contemporary issues.

Source: Press TV


Source : Press TV