Scots Put Prophet’s Teachings into Action
Publish Date: 4/16/2014 Code: 29956

Scots Put Prophet’s Teachings into Action

A group of Scottish Muslims are taking Da`wah to a new level in their locality by putting the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) into action to tackle social injustices and give young Muslims a platform to volunteer and help the needy in their own city.



















Scots Put Prophet’s Teachings into Action


“We want our Da'wah to be through our actions.  And what better way than to help improve our community,” Samir Zaveri, a founding member of Taught by Muhammad volunteer group, said in an e-mail to

“We want to show the world that what they hear about Islam in the mainstream media is not true.

“We want people to see firsthand what our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us,” he added.

Back in 2013, the outreach project in Dundee was first launched by a group of enthusiastic Muslims wishing to present a true image of their faith.

For them, the project aimed at correcting misconceptions about Islam by working within Dundee's community with different faith groups.

Moreover, it was suggested to offer Muslim youth a platform to volunteer to combat social injustices within their community.

Another target for young Muslim youth was to live the Islamic message of justice, tolerance and equality and inspire others into similar action via online campaigns.

The project work started in September 2013 with bus ads and street posters with prophetic quotes going up around the city to spread the Islamic principle of love and helping the needy.

Over the duration of eight weeks, buses displaying messages from Prophetic narrations were seen around the city spreading universal messages of love for the other.

The messages used were, “Love for others what you love for yourself”, “Be kind to your parents” and “He who sleeps on a full stomach while his neighbor is hungry is not one of us.”

By January 2014, Taught By Muhammad project developed its activities as it started to operate a food bank that helps Muslim and non Muslim families.

Rucksack Project

Getting their online community involved via Facebook, volunteers have raised money to provide 10 rucksacks with some warm clothing and food for the homeless people on the streets.

"After speaking to a few homeless people it became apparent that a lot of them were on the street through no fault of their own,” Rizwan Rafik, a founding member, told

“I noticed they had very little in terms of basic necessities and felt that we needed to help them, as I personally would not be able to survive in this cold with hardly any winter essentials.”

The feedback from the homeless and others was remarkable and showed that the Muslim community does care.

“The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to love for others what we love for ourselves, and he would not have left those homeless in that situation,” Rafik added.

Scotland is home to more than 50,000 Muslims, making up 1.4 percent of the population.

Muslims are the second largest religious group in the country, which has thirty mosques.


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