Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (SA) Celebrated in Nairobi
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Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (SA) Celebrated in Nairobi

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA), a ceremony was held on April 20 by Jaffery Islamic Center in Nairobi, Kenya.




Birth Anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (SA) Celebrated in Nairobi


The program began after the evening prayers with the participation of a large number of Muslims from the city.

Recitation of Hadith Kisaa was the first part of the program following which Sheikh Noor Muhammad, the Imam of Jaffery Mosque and the director of Heidary School of the Islamic center presented a speech.

He elaborated on some of the virtues of the daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and stressed that “if you want a model for a good mother and a good wife, you have to refer to Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA)”.

He mentioned some of the Holy Quran’s verses from Surah Noor and Qasas to highlight modesty as an important characteristic of Hazrat Zahra (AS) which was also clarified by Imam Ali (AS) in Nahjul Balagha.

Based on the verses No. 30 and 31 of Surah Noor, Sheikh Noor advised the participants and Muslims of the region to try to be modest in the way they talk to men and women, in the way they walk, and observing Hijab.

He stressed that “if you are the true lovers of Hazrat Zahra (SA), you have to be modest in every aspects of your life.”

He further talked about duties of wife and husband towards each other and noted that "the Jihad of a "woman is to be a good wife for her husband.

Hazrat Zahra (SA) also fulfilled her social responsibility with modesty when she went out to defend Imam Ali (AS), he added.


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