“Musnad Amir Al-Mu’menin (AS)”, Ayatollah Atarodi’s Great Treasury
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“Musnad Amir Al-Mu’menin (AS)”, Ayatollah Atarodi’s Great Treasury

“Musnad Amir Al-Mu’menin (AS)” in 27 volumes by late Ayatollah Atarodi, Iranian Shia scholar and researcher, is a great treasury for Muslim world.


“Musnad Amir Al-Mumenin (AS)”, Ayatollah Atarodi s Great Treasury


 This is according to Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Jamaluddin Dinparvar, head of Nahjul Balaqa International Foundation, who was speaking on the sidelines of the funeral ceremony for the great scholar passed away on July 25.

Referring to the Holy Quran’s verse 120  of Surah Nahl: “Indeed Abraham was a nation/ model obedient to Allah”, he noted that the late scholar was also a model for the Islamic Ummah.

“He was a hard-working researcher who insisted to individually investigate all of the sources he needed to present a precise and comprehensive work.”

Ayatollah Atrodi wrote some 100 books including books about Hazrat Zahra (SA) and the infallible Imams (AS) as well as the 27-volume collection of Imam Ali’s (AS) sayings which are considered as valuable sources for researchers.

He also made researches in various countries such as India and Pakistan and wrote a number of books on history and geography.

Ayatollah Atarodi was a student of Allamah Amini, Ayatollah Sheikh Agha Tehrani, Ali Akbar Ghaffari, Ayatollah Khoyi, and Ayatollah Najafi Mar’ashi, among others.


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