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160 - النَّصُّ عَلى‏ إمامَتِهِ‏

160. Proofs of His Imama

484.الإمامُ العسكريُّ عليه السلام - وقد سُئلَ عن الحُجّةِ والإمامِ بعدَهُ ؟ - : ابْنِي محمّدٌ ، وهُو الإمامُ والحُجّةُ بَعدي ، مَن ماتَ ولَم يَعرفْهُ ماتَ مِيتةً جاهليّةً . أمَا إنّ لَه غَيبةً يَحارُ فيها الجاهلونَ ، ويَهْلِكُ فيها المُبطِلونَ ، ويَكْذِبُ فيها الوَقّاتونَ ، ثُمّ يَخرُجُ فكَأنّي أنظُرُ إلَى الأعْلامِ البِيضِ تَخْفِقُ فوقَ رأسِهِ بِنَجفِ الكوفةِ .1

484. Imam al-Askari (AS), when asked about the proof [of Allah] and the Imam after him, said, 'My son Muhammad will be the Imam and the proof after me. Whoever dies without acknowledging him [as the Imam] has died a death of ignorance. Know that certainly he will have an occultation, about which the ignorant will be left confused, the impugners will be ruined and those who predict a specific time [for his reappearance] will lie. Then he will emerge and it is as if I can see the white flags hovering above his head in Najaf [near] Kufa.' 2

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