Call for Papers
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Call for Papers

International Conference
in Commemoration of the Millennium Anniversary of
Sayyid Murtada Alam al-Huda (965 - 1044 AD; 355-436 AH)

In the Name of Allalh




Call for Papers



International Conference

in Commemoration of the Millennium Anniversary of

Sayyid Murtada Alam al-Huda (965 - 1044 AD; 355-436 AH)



The period of the fourth and fifth centuries AH is one of the brightest periods in the history of Shia after the start of the occultation of the Twelfth Imam, peace be upon him.

Collection and compilation of the original sources of Shia hadith, as well as the first significant works written in the fields of exegesis, theology, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, are all products of this age.

Two main areas of Qum and Baghdad hadith schools had the most contributions in this field. Meanwhilen, the great efforts exerted by traditionalists and scholars such as Shaykh Saduq, Shaykh Mufid, Sayyid Murtada, Sayyid Radi and Shaykh Tusi are most appreciated.


Now on the eve of the millennium Anniversary of Sayyid Murtada's death (436 AH) – viz. 1436 AH - The Holy Shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim Hasani (a.s) and the Dar al-Hadith Scientific Cultural Institute with the support and participation of several institutions and cultural-scientific centers have decided to hold an international conference in commemoration of Sayyid Murtada.

In addition to correction of the works of Sayyid Murtada and compilation of several works on the scientific aspects, life and ideas of Sayyid Murtada, writing articles is of a high importance and a special place.


The respectful researchers are invited to bring their scientific contributions to the conference, particularly in papers.

It is notable that due to Sayyid Murtada’s relation with his brother Sayyid Radi, some aspects of Sayyid Radi’s life can be used as a topic. So at the end of the topics, we have devoted a special section to Sayyid Radi.


Based on the Conference theme, various sub-topics are suggested as follows (other related topics are also welcome):


1- Biography of Sayyid Murtada

- Birth and Death

- His Household

- The Scientific, Political, Social and Cultural Milieu


2- Sayyid Murtada’s Masters and Students

- Masters (Shaykh Mufid, Shaykh Saduq, Ahmed ibn Sahl Dibaji, Ibn Nabatih, Marzbani, etc.)

- Students (Shaykh Tusi, Sallar, Abu al-Salah Halabi, Ibn Barraj, Karajaky, Ibn Hamza, Sahrashty, Duristy, etc.)


3- Sayyid Murtada’s Moral and Spiritual Conduct

- His Personal Conduct

- His Social Conduct

- His Interaction with Opponents

- His Ethical Views


4- Writings of Sayyid Murtada

- Printed books

- Manuscripts

- Missing works


5- Shia Community during Sayyid Murtada’s Lifetime

- Baghdad in the 4th and 5th Centuries

- Buwayhid Government

- Caliphs of Bani Abbas

- Interaction of Schools in Qom and Baghdad

- Shia Sects’ Interaction with Each Other


6- Sayyid Murtada’s Social Activities

- Marjaiyyat Ammah (Public Authority) of Shia

- Guardian of Sayyids

- Leader of the Ḥajj Pilgrims

- President of Court of Justice

- Judge

- Other Court (or Government) Positions


7- Sayyid Murtada’s Quran and Hadith Thoughts

- Tawil (Esoteric Interpretation of the Holy Quran)

- No Distortion in the Quran

- Theory of Sarfah and Ijaz

- Inauthenticity of Khabar Wahid

- Fiqh al-Hadith (Hadith Scholarship)

- Special Quranic and Hadith Views


8- Sayyid Murtada’s Theological Thoughts (and Beliefs)

- Divine Words

- Belief and Disbelief (Iman and Kufr)

- Divine Justice

- Extremism (Ghuluw) 

- Special Theological Views


9- Sayyid Murtada’s Usuli-Fiqhi (Jurisprudential) Thoughts

- Founder of Shia Principles of Jurisprudence

- Theory of Ijtihad and Taqlid

- Usuli-Fiqhi (Jurisprudential) Innovations

- Special Usuli-Fiqhi (Jurisprudential) Views


10- Sayyid Murtada’s Socio-Cultural Ideas

- Social and Political Opinions

- Religious Approximation and Understanding


11- Sayyid Murtada’s Status and Literary Views

- Poems

- Literary Views


12- Sayyid Murtada’s Methodology and Methodological Issues

- Sayyid Murtada’s Methodology in the Fields of Science

- Sayyid Murtada’s interaction with the Views, Ideas and Religions of His Time

- Sayyid Murtada’s Rationalism

- Interaction of Shia scholars in future periods with Sayyid Murtada’s Opinions

- Sayyid Murtada in Books and Literature of Sunni Scholars


13- Sayyid Radi

- Sayyid Murtada Relations with Sayyid Radi

- The Thoughts and Opinions of Sayyid Radi

- The compilation of Nahj al-Balagha



Submission Deadline: End of February 2015



Secretariat Address: Conference Secretariat, The Dar al-Hadith Scientific Cultural Institute, After Jihad Town, 15 Khordad Boulevard, Qom, Iran  

Tel: 37176130 ـ 025

Fax: 37176141 ـ 025



This conference has been organized by:

The Holy Shrine of Abdul Azim Hasani       

The Society for the Appreciation of Cultural Works and Dignitaries

The Islamic Sciences and Culture Academy

Al-Mustafa International University

The University of Religions and Denominations

The Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO)

Specialized Libraries Affiliated to the Grand Ayatullah Sistani

The Institute for Compilation and Publication of Islamic Heritage

The Dar al-Hadith Scientific Cultural Institute

The Ahlulbayt (a.s) World Assembly

The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought

The Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS)

The Islamic Seminaries Management Center

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