New Azeri Translation of Quran Published
Publish Date: 12/30/2014 Code: 38380

New Azeri Translation of Quran Published

TEHRAN (IQNA) - A new translation of the Holy Quran into the Azeri language by Rasool Esmaeilzadeh has been published by Tarjomane Vahy Institute.



New Azeri Translation of Quran Published


 The Quranic Studies Department of the institute has cooperated in publication of the translation, which was published in Cyrillic, Arabic and Latin scripts.

The work has been described as an academic work based on Quranic studies and written in a fluent language.

The translator has studied jurisprudence, law and Turkology. He is an expert in Turkish literature and poetry and cooperates with the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization as an expert in cultural affairs of the Middle-East and Caucasia.

He has written more than 50 articles on the literature of Azerbaijani elegies, Turkish linguistics, criticisms of Turkish translations of the Quran and criticisms of Persian translations of Nahj-ul-Balaqa.

Edition of the “Diwan” by Shah Ismail Safawi, the “Diwan-e Hekmat” by Khwajah Ahmad Yasawi, and the “Diwan” by Seyyed ‘Imaduddin Nasimi and a revision of “’Aqayed-ul-Islam” by Muqaddas Ardabili are among his works.

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