The Final Hope No. 1 Released
Publish Date: 1/6/2015 Code: 38526

The Final Hope No. 1 Released

A Monthly Magazine for a better knowledge about Imam al-Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam.



The Final Hope No. 1 Released


The belief in “Mahdi” originates from the divine nature of mankind. All people habitually look for peace and tranquility and want the oppression and injustice to be removed. This need has always existed among nations and all religions contain a promise about the arrival of a savior. This is why we see this is a common belief in most of the holy books.

This belief causes hope in the hearts of people and encourages them to always wait for such a savior to come and are eager for this divine promise to be fulfilled. Though the religious texts regarding to savior do not all match exactly with each other, it at least proves that such a belief is common among all nations. The Shia believes that the Promised Savior is no one but a man that is called al-Mahdi the Twelfth Imam of Shias. Hence, this magazine is to prove it, talk about the Imam and to refer to the

related subjects in detail.

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