The 18th Edition of Encyclopedia of Medical Hadiths Released
Publish Date: 1/17/2015 Code: 38588

The 18th Edition of Encyclopedia of Medical Hadiths Released

Dar al-Hadith Publications releases the 18th Edition of Mawsu`t al-Ahadith al-Tibbiyah (Encyclopedia of Medical Hadiths) by Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri with the collaboration of Morteza Khoshnasib, Mohammad Taqi Sobhani-niya, Rasul Ofoqi, Ahmad Sa`adatfar,


The 18th Edition of Encyclopedia of Medical Hadiths Released


Medicine is at the top of all human sciences, for the philosophy of all other sciences is man’s utilization of the blessings of life and this goal cannot be achieved except in the light of the health of soul and body.


The present collection includes those hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) of Islam and the Infallible Imams (PBUT) that cover medicine and treatment, physical diseases and their treatment, and the necessity of observation of bodily health’s rules. These hadiths that have been quoted in the sources of both the Islamic Schools of Thought, allude to different medical points, the pro­perties of foods and spices, various edibles, as well as the nece­ssary points for the patients to observe. The sources of the had­iths mentioned in the collection have been quoted, while the hadiths have been organized on a topical basis in different chap­ters. Repetition of similar hadiths has been avoided.

Attempts have been made to narrate those hadiths that are eloquent, authentic and comprehensive, although in some cases their sources may be weak. The hadiths of this collection have been organized on the basis of the sequence of the lifetime of the Infallible Imams (PBUT) in five chapters and various sec­tions.

Chapter I: Medicine and Treatment. Chapter I discusses the hadiths and other issues about medi­cine and treatment in Islam as well as the norms and instructions on medi­cine and trea­tment.

Chapter II: Sickness. It includes the definition, types and conseque­nces of diseases and duties of the pa­tient and rites and manners of a sick person.

Chapter III: The Limbs. It dis­cusses the body and its limbs and or­gans including the heart, brain and nerves, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, res­piratory system, skin, blood, bones, hair, nails, and genitals.

Chapter IV: Eating and drinking. This chapter discusses the role of eating and drinking in the health and ailment of the body. Also hunger and thirst, the instructions of eating and drin­king as well as the instructions concerning eating meat are dis­cussed.

Chapter V: This chapter, which is lengthier than other cha­pters, contains the hadiths on treatment with the help of edibles and drugs by mentioning the names and properties of the edi­bles and drugs. The chapter has sixty parts.

Treatment in Islam has been discussed in the beginning of the book while a list of verses, names, communities and tribes, dis­eases, places, and resources has been given in the concluding part of the book. On the basis of the introduction of the book the main addressees of the book are the researchers of medical sciences, although, except the parts allocated to diseases, other parts of the book may be interesting for the public. Also the readers are recommended to read the preface before reading the book.

The book has been translated into Persian and published along with its Arabic version. The bibliographical data of the Persian Version are: Encyclopedia of Medical Hadiths, trans. Dr. Hossein Saberi, Qom, Dar al- Hadith, two vol­umes, ۱۰۹۴ pages.

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