The Final Hope No. 2 Released
Publish Date: 2/3/2015 Code: 38739

The Final Hope No. 2 Released

A Monthly Magazine for a better knowledge about Imam al-Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam.


The Final Hope No. 2 Released


What is important in proceeding with an action is that one s mind becomes aware of a need and understands the existing gap. The next step is to meet this need and to find a strategy to fill the gap. The issue of the Last Savior is a subject that there is no nation in the world to claim not to have any concerns about. We, the Shia, who are a part of those whose minds are involved with this belief, feel that a pure knowledge about it have to be promulgated in the world.

We, with the aim of our intellect and convincing reasoning, feel responsible to make others aware of the truth and to give answers to the inquires and misconceptions in a logical way.

This existing need has forced US to publish a magazine containing the materials related to the issue of the Last Savior.

Naturally, there is no piece of work done by US ordinary humans that is not without any flaw. However, what is important is that, this move has been initiated and this step has been taken once more by us and it will be more complete by the cooperation of those who can assist.

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