New Japanese Translation of Quran Published
Publish Date: 2/9/2015 Code: 38829

New Japanese Translation of Quran Published

A new rendering of the Holy Quran into Japanese has been published.


New Japanese Translation of Quran Published


 The Tarjoman-e Vahy (translation of Revelation) Cultural Institute, affiliated to Iran’s Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization has published the translation.

According to a statement released by the institute, Tatsuichi Savada, a graduate of Razavi Islamic University and Al-Mustafa International University has done the rendering.

He has used genuine Islamic sources and the Hadiths of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) in translating the Quran into Japanese.

The Tarjoman Vahy Institute’s scholars are also working on translation of the Quran into a number of other languages.

The Holy Book’s renderings into English, French, Turkish, Azeri, Chinese, Spanish, and Urdu have already been published by the institute.

It was founded in 1994 in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of presenting reliable Quran translations.

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