“Quranic Upbringing” Seminar Planned in Mecca
Publish Date: 2/11/2015 Code: 38830

“Quranic Upbringing” Seminar Planned in Mecca

“Tebyan” Association of Quran and Quranic Sciences in Saudi Arabia plans to organize a seminar on “Quranic upbringing, methods and experiences” on February 11 and 12 at Umm Al-Qura University in the holy city of Mecca.


“Quranic Upbringing” Seminar Planned in Mecca


 According to Al-Waqi’ News, a number of researchers, scholars and experts in various scholarly fields from different parts of the country will participate in the program.

Muhammad bin Saree’ Al-Saree’, head of the association’s board said that the organization of such seminars is a move aimed at promoting the Quran's teachings and invited other institutes and associations to cooperate in serving the Divine Book.

He added that the seminar also reveals the awareness of the association about the importance of raising children based on Quranic teachings.

Al-Saree’ said that the association plans to provide guidance for families and Quran teachers to solve the problems they face in bringing up their children  and to pave the way for Quranic centers and institutes to reach their objectives.

Promotion of Quranic upbringing, fostering the Nabawi Sunnah, exchange of viewpoints and scientific experiences about Quranic upbringing and development of Quranic circles to better cooperate in a comprehensive dissemination of the Holy Quran’s teachings are among the objectives of the seminar.

Quran-based upbringing (concepts, principles and rules), (obstacles and challenges), (effects and consequences) in the framework of Nabawi Seerah, efforts made by the early scholars in this respect, the influence of Quran-based upbringing in the establishment of new researches in the fields, a comparative study of Quranic circles and their role in stimulating Quran-based upbringing and promotion of Quranic circles’ role in Quran-based upbringing are the themes of the seminar.

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