Al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Olympiad Concludes in Pakistan
Publish Date: 3/9/2015 Code: 39277

Al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Olympiad Concludes in Pakistan

The 7th edition of Quran and Hadith Olympiad of Al-Mustafa International University in Pakistan concluded in a ceremony separately organized for male and female Pakistani seminarians.


Al-Mustafa Quran and Hadith Olympiad Concludes in Pakistan


 According to the website of the university, representatives of the university’s branch in Pakistan as well as a number of scholars including Hojat-ol-Islam Anis Al-Hasanyn, Jaber Mohammadi, Ali Ziyayi, Liaqat Ali A’wan and Abrar Hussein Erfani participated at the program.

“The importance of Quran and Hadith in seminary life” was the theme of a forum organized on the sidelines of the ceremony with the participation of Hujjatulislam Shafa Najafi.

Addressing the ceremony, Hujjatulislam A’wan, cultural-education deputy of Al-Mustafa University’s branch in Pakistan, said that dissemination of Quranic concepts among seminarians, scholars and Quran students was the main objective of the Olympiad.

He noted that the best way for disseminating the Quran and Hadith teachings in the society is to train seminary students based on these teachings.

He stressed that the students should act upon the Quran and Hadith teachings in all aspects of their life and assured them that they will be supported by the university.

Speaking in a separate ceremony held for female seminarians, Hujjatulislam Naqawi, Pakistani scholar, noted that Quranic activities have significantly increased since the victory of the Iranian Islamic revolution and that the encouragement and support from by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in this respect have resulted in a development in Quranic fields.

He further highlighted the important role of women in shaping an Islamic society and said that benefitting from the verses of the Quranic and Hadiths is very of great significance in dissemination of Islamic teachings.

The 7th edition of the Olympiad was separately organized for male and female seminary students under the supervision of Pakistani Quran experts.

82 students competed in Tartil, recitation and memorization categories in the final stage of the competition in the oral section.

There were some 300 participants in the written section of the Olympiad, which was held in the categories of Tafsir (interpretation), Sahifa Sajjadiyyah and Nahj al-Balagha.

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