Trinity in the Quran and the Bible reviewed
Publish Date: 7/11/2015 Code: 44088

Trinity in the Quran and the Bible reviewed

IBNA- The author of the book ‘Trinity in the Quran and the Bible’ and a critic at the review meeting spoke about more than 1,300 book titles written by authors around the world on Christianity.


According to IBNA correspondent, the review meeting on ‘Trinity in the Quran and the Bible’ was held yesterday, July 6, 2015, at Iran’s House of Literati Sara-ye Ahl-e Qalam, at the Book House Institute attended by Hojjat ul-Eslam Mohammad Kashani, the author of the book, and Abbas Ashrafi (PhD), the expert and critic.

At the beginning, Kashani described the researches he did for his work, that he lived in Vatican City and in a monastery in India for a while to write his book.

Concepts of the book are consistent

As the critic who attended the meeting, Abbas Ashrafi (Ph.D.), pointed out the strengths of the book and said: “The author has written a smooth, well-written text with a good title and has used valuable sources in compiling the book. Unlike all comparative texts which consist of discrete issues, this book tries to maintain continuity in its debates.”

Referring to the title of the book, he said: “It so seems that the author has been unbiased in choosing the title. The question arising here is how much of the total volume of the book is devoted to the study of the Trinity in the Quran? I must say that eighty percent of the content of the book is on ‘Trinity’ in Christianity, and less than twenty percent related to the Quran, an issue which should be taken in to consideration.”

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