IQNA’s Branch to Be Launched in Moscow
Publish Date: 9/7/2015 Code: 44995

IQNA’s Branch to Be Launched in Moscow

The International Quran News Agency (IQNA) will launch a branch in the Russian capital of Moscow.



The decision for establishing the new branch was made during a forum titled “Importance and Status of Media in Promoting the Quranic Culture”.

It was held Friday night at the Iranian Cultural Center in Moscow with the participation of IQNA’s managing director Hamid Saber Farzam, prominent Iranian Quran recite Rahim Khaki and 15 Russian Muslim preachers.

Cooperation between Russian Muslim preachers and media activists with IQNA on promoting Islamic and Quranic teachings via the cyberspace was also discussed at the forum.

The participants at the forum underlined the need for making the most of the media and cyberspace to spread religious values and teachings.

Addressing the event, Saber Farzam briefed the participants on the activities of IQNA, saying that the news agency, which was launched 12 years ago, has made efforts to confront the Western media’s cultural onslaught against the pure religious culture. 

He said IQNA publishes Quranic and religious news stories in different languages and has been a successful media outlet in covering Quranic events and fostering the Quranic teachings.

Saber Farzam went on to say that Muslims, especial the youth, need pure Quranic teachings and concepts to confront the onslaughts of Islam’s enemies and correct misconceptions about the religion.

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