The 3rd Razavi Hadith National Conference to be Held in Qom
Publish Date: 10/6/2015 Code: 45821

The 3rd Razavi Hadith National Conference to be Held in Qom

The program will be organized by the General Office of the Islamic Culture and Guidance in Qom Province in cooperation with Dar al-Hadith Cultural Scientific Institute.


Providing a model to make inference in religious teachings, and clarify and defend the teachings based on Razavi Hadiths and highlighting Razavi teachings in theological issues are the main objectives of the conference, IQNA reported.

“Doctrinal Teachings”, including the status of reasoning in Razavi Hadith, monotheism and Divine names and attributes in Razavi teachings, and Divine will and human will, Divine justice, Prophethood, Imamate and the hereafter in Razavi Hadith, is the first category of the program’s themes.

The second category titled “Theological Heritage” will cover sub-categories of the status of Razavi writings in solving Shia theological problems, written reports on Imam Reza’s (AS) negotiations, the Imam’s role in solving theological debates, etc.

“Historical point of views”, including Imam Reza’s (AS) role in correction of Muslim’s beliefs and the role of Qom Seminary in developing Razavi heritage, and “Razavi sayings in other’s views”, including theological aspect of Imam Reza’s (AS) character in Sunni sources and the works of Western researchers in Shia studies, are the two other main themes of the program.

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