Egyptian Christian Translates Quran into Sign Language
Publish Date: 10/20/2015 Code: 46081

Egyptian Christian Translates Quran into Sign Language

A Christian woman in Egypt translated Muslim Holy Book, the Quran, into sign language.


Najla Talat Ghali did the rendering for an institute in the city of Bani Suwaif taking care of those with physical disabilities, including the hearing-impaired, al-Watan Daily reported.

“My job is translation and in this institute I translate everything happening for the hearing-impaired,” she said.

Ghali added that the hearing-impaired have a right to read and understand the meanings of the Quran.

She noted that she did not start translating the Quran into sign language until she made sure that it is permissible according to Islamic rules.

“I asked some Muslim scholars and they told me there is no problem,” she added.

A Sign Language is a visual language that uses a system of manual, facial and body movements as the means of communication.

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