English Quran Translation Received Well in US
Publish Date: 12/6/2015 Code: 47167

English Quran Translation Received Well in US

Director of the Tarjoman-e Vahy Cultural Institute said that the English translation of the Holy Quran by Sayyed Ali Gholi Gharayi has been well received by American and Canadian people.


Hujjatulislam Muhammad Naghdi told IQNA that the translation was first published in 2001 and it is the fifth edition of the valuable work being distributed in Iran and the Americas.

Noting that the translations presented by the institute are fluent and based on academic studies, he said that the scholars of the institute have made use of authentic exegesis, particularly the Quran interpretations by the infallibles (AS), and applied the most recent translation methods in preparing the English rendering of the Holy Quran avoiding any prejudices.

He further marked some other features of the translation and said that any important different interpretations of the Quranic verses have also been included in the work.

The Turkish translation of the Holy Quran by Morteza Torabi published in Turkey is the second well known Quran translation of the institute.

The Tarjoman-e Vahy Institute, or Center for Translation of the Holy Quran, was established in 1994 in the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of presenting reliable Quran translations.

So far, the institute has released renderings of the Quran in English, French, Turkish, Azeri, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu.

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