Orientalists’ views considered in ‘Understanding the Quran’
Publish Date: 1/10/2016 Code: 48238

Orientalists’ views considered in ‘Understanding the Quran’

IBNA- The first volume of ‘Understanding the Quran, the first book: Quran and the Orientalists’ by Majid Ma`aref, Theology Professor at Tehran University, is now released.

According to IBNA correspondent, it is long since the Holy Quran has become the axis of research by scientists, not only in the Islamic societies, but in many other non-Muslim countries. In many Western countries, orientalists have turned to the study of the Quran over the centuries for various purposes. Non-Muslims’ studying the Quran is not comparable with that of the Muslims’ in scope, to the extent that the appearance of books, articles and Islamic and Quranic Encyclopedias in the West is a fact that has made the Muslim researchers faced with.

‘Understanding the Quran, the first book: Quran and the Orientalists’ consists of the papers of the author about the status of the Quran as viewed by the orientalists.

 In a part of the author’s introduction to the book we read: “Orientalists’ studying the Quran, regardless of their purpose, is an important issue and their studies have had dual benefits: first to infer important properties of the Quran with an outside look of nonbelievers in the book, and then to be faced with doubts and problems raised by the orientalists, and in some cases their incomplete and biased analysis of the Quran, and the intellectual challenges of the opponents which have been a persistent problem since the Quran was sent, to which the committed scholars played their part in defense.”

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