Russia’s 1st Quranic Website Launched
Publish Date: 4/2/2016 Code: 50059

Russia’s 1st Quranic Website Launched

The first Quranic website in Russian has been launched by Russia’s Islamic Studies Foundation.


It is a specialized website in the field of Quran, Quranic sciences and Tafsir (interpretation), according to the foundation.

In the first phase, major Quranic topics, including the Quran, its Russian translation, Tafsir and Tarteel recitation, have been introduced on the website.

Visitors also have access to a library of digital Quranic books, a Quran encyclopedia, introduction of the Surahs (chapters) of the Quran, and a Quranic questions sections.

More sections will be added gradually.

Those who speak Russian can visit the website at

Islam is the second most widely professed religion in the Russian Federation.

There are around 25 million Muslims in Russia today. By 2020, Muslims will account for one-fifth of the entire population.

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