Um ul-Mumenin’s virtues shine on top of the books
Publish Date: 6/20/2016 Code: 51911

Um ul-Mumenin’s virtues shine on top of the books

According to IBNA correspondent, the book ‘Virtues of Um ul-Mumenin,…’ by Hossein Tehrani was released in the form of 53 features and a section entitled ‘The End’, by Touba-ye Mohabat Publications.


 In a part of the preface by the author we read: “In the eventful history of Islam, not many women of the society have shone as did Hazrat Khadijeh (SA), the wife of the Prophet Mohammad (SAWA). Her excellent character and features had made her so distinct which years after her demise the Prophet wept after hearing her name and remembered her as a great lady.”

The author goes on writing: “In the present paper, I try to examine the personality traits of that virtuous lady such as faith, conviction, chastity and purity, sacrifice and gentle treatment of her husband, patience and resistance which have made her a distinct personality and a role model for all Muslims, especially for women.”

The first edition of the book is published with a print run of a thousand copies by Touba-ye Mohabat Publications.

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