The West not Familiar with Shia Jurisprudence
Publish Date: 10/1/2016 Code: 53683

The West not Familiar with Shia Jurisprudence

Johannes Niehoff, History professor in Berlin University, said, “Unfortunately, with so much propagation on Takfirism and Salafism in the world s media, the west is not familiar with Shia jurisdiction and clerics must work hard to change this situation,”

In the opening ceremony for the fresh academic year held at the University of Religions and denominations in Qom, Iran, Professor Johannes Niehoff stated, “I’m very pleased to have visited this university and further become familiar with its ongoing activities; It’s such an honor for me to have really known more about Islam, especially Shi’ism,”

He went on, “With all the existing potentials in the West for people to further their knowledge on divine religions, sadly the people there don’t know much about Shia Islam and its jurisdictions, and therefore anyone who wants to convert to Islam is likely to convert to extreme and radical sects.”

The German Islamic scholar added, “Establishment of the University of religions and denominations was a great step taken by the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to better introduce true Islam to the whole world in addition to familiarizing Iranians with other divine religions. I’m pleased to have learned more about Islam and Islamic sects personally and I can now serve as a person who informs non-Muslims on the truth of Islam,”

 “It’s an obligation for Shia clerics to introduce Western Nations to genuine Islam and Shi’ism, the West must know that Islam does not equal violence and the move to inform people about the genuine Islam has to start now,” Hawzah quoted Niehoff as saying.

The Professor of History in Berlin University added, “Holding joint meetings between Iranian and German universities as well as discussions and courses on Shi’ism and Islamic sciences could help realize this objective,”

“Sadly, citizens of Western countries think of Islam as Salafism and Wahhabism which are false doctrines, it’s your job as Islamic students to change the West's attitude towards Islam,” Professor Niev concluded addressing students in the university.