The Brother

Many a brother was not given birth by your own mother.

على‏ التَّواخِي في اللَّهِ تَخْلُصُ الَمحَبّةُ . ح: 6191

Love is purified through cultivating friendship for the sake of Allah. H: 6191

بالتَّواخي في اللَّهِ تُثْمِرُ الاُخُوّة . ح: 4225

Brotherhood for the sake of Allah is fruitful. H: 4225

مَن آخَى‏ في اللَّهِ غَنِمَ ، مَن آخى‏ في الدُّنيا حُرِمَ . ح: 7776 و 7777

He whose brotherhood is for the sake of Allah is bound to gain, while a man who seeks brothers for the sake of this world is bound to lose. H: 7776 & 7777

ليسَ لكَ بأخٍ مَنِ احْتَجْتَ إلى‏مُداراتِهِ . ح: 7503

The one you need to safeguard yourself against is not your brother. H: 7503

لا تُواخِ مَن يَسْتُرُ مَناقِبَك، ويَنْشُرُ مَثالِبَكَ . ح: 10420

Do not take for brother a man who hides your virtues and exposes your lapses. H: 1042

اخْتَرْ مِن كلِّ شي‏ءٍ جَدِيدَهُ ، ومِن الإخْوانِ أقدَمَهُمْ . ح: 2461

Choose the new of everything, but the oldest one from among brothers. H: 2461

الاحتِمالُ زَيْنُ الرِّفاقِ . ح: 752

Tolerance is the splendor of companions. H: 752

مَن لم يَحْتَمِلْ زَلَلَ الصَّديقِ ماتَ وحيداً . ح: 9079

A man who does not endure the lapses of a friend will die in loneliness. H: 9079

خيرُ الإخْوانِ أقلُّهُمْ مُصانَعةً في النَّصيحَةِ . ح: 4978

The best of brothers is the one with the least hesitance in offering [harsh] advice. H: 4978

خَيرُ إخْوانِك مَن كثُرَ إغْضابُهُ لكَ في الحقِّ . ح: 5009

The best of your brothers is the one who is roused to anger for your sake in [standing up for] what is right. H: 5009

خيرُ الإخْوانِ مَن كانتْ في اللَّهِ مَودّتُهُ . ح: 5017

The best brother is the one whose amity is for the sake of Allah. H: 5017

خيرُ الإخْوانِ مَن لا يُحْوِجُ إخْوانَهُ إلى‏ سِواهُ . ح: 4985

The best of brothers is the one who does not let his fellow brothers need anyone other than himself. H: 4985

الإخْوانُ في اللَّهِ تعالى‏ تَدُومُ مَودّتُهُم ، لِدَوامِ سَبَبِها . ح: 1795

Brothers, [whose brotherhood is] for the sake of Allah, enjoy an enduring amity, due to the firmness of its foundation. H: 1795

رُبَّ أخٍ لَم تَلِدْهُ اُمُّكَ . ح: 5351

Many a brother was not given birth by your own mother. H: 5351

مَن وادَّكَ لأمرٍ ولّى‏عندَانقِضائِهِ . ح: 8552

He who draws close to you for a purpose will abandon you when it is fulfilled. H: 8552

سَلُوا القُلوبَ عنِ المَوَدّاتِ ؛ فإنّها شَواهِدُ لا تَقْبَلُ الرُّشا . ح: 5641

Ask your hearts about their amities, for they are witnesses that take no bribes. H: 5641

مَن لَم تَكُن مَودّتُهُ في اللَّهِ فاحْذَرْهُ؛ فإنّ مودّتَهُ لَئيمةٌ ، وصُحْبتَه مَشُومةٌ. ح: 8978

He whose friendship is not for the sake of Allah must be avoided, for his friendship is vile, and his company is doomed. H: 8978