Imama is the [structural] system of the [Muslim] community.

الإمامةُ نِظامُ الاُمّةِ . ح: 1095

Imama is the [structural] system of the [Muslim] community. H: 1095

إنّي‏لا أحُثُّكُم على‏طاعةٍ إلّا وأسْبِقُكُم إلَيها ، ولا أنْهاكُم عن معصيةٍ إلّا وأتَناهى‏ قَبلَكُم عنها . ح: 3781

Verily I do not encourage you to perform any act of obedience without performing it myself first, nor do I prohibit you from any sin without first refraining from it myself. H: 3781

إنّما مَثَلي بينَكُم كالسِّراجِ في الظُّلمَةِ ، يَستَضي‏ءُ بها مَن وَلَجَها . ح: 3883

Verily my example among you is as that of a lamp in the darkness, whoever enters its vicinity is enlightened by it. H: 3883

ما شَكَكْتُ في الحقِّ مُذ اُرِيتُهُ . ح: 9482

I have never doubted the truth ever since it was shown to me. H: 9482

يَحتاجُ الإمامُ إلى‏ قلبٍ عَقُولٍ، ولسانٍ قَؤولٍ، وجَنانٍ على‏ إقامةِ الحَقِّ صَؤولٍ . ح: 11010

The Imam needs a wise heart, an expressive tongue and a staunch soul [i.e. authority] in establishing the truth. H: 11010