“Quran in Islam” Published in Armenian
Publish Date: 11/15/2016 Code: 54719

“Quran in Islam” Published in Armenian

A book titled “Quran in Islam” has been translated into the Armenian language and published in Armenia.


The Iranian Cultural Center in the Caucasian country has had the book translated to help Armenian scholars and researchers to get acquainted with Islam’s Holy Book, the website of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) reported.

The translation of the book by late Allameh Seyed Hossein  Tabatabaei has been published in 202 pages.

Its publication comes ahead of the anniversary of  Allameh Tabatabaei’s demise on November 14.

Allameh Tabatabei (March 1903 – November 1981) was one of the most prominent thinkers of philosophy and contemporary Shia Islam.

He is mostly famous for his grand work Tafsir al-Mizan, a twenty-volume work of Quranic exegesis.

Source : ICRO