Reason is to retain and preserve experiences.

كفى‏ بالتَّجارِبِ مُؤدِّباً . ح: 7016

Experience suffices as a trainer. H: 7016

العَقلُ غَريزةٌ تَزيدُ بالعِلْمِ والتَّجارِبِ . ح: 1717

Reason is an instinct that is enhanced by knowledge and experience. H: 1717

العَقلُ حِفْظُ التَّجارِبِ . ح: 673

Reason is to retain and preserve experiences. H: 673

مَن أحْكَمَ التَّجارِبَ سَلِمَ مِن المَعاطِبِ ، مَن غَنِيَ عَنِ التَّجارِبِ عَمِيَ عنِ العَواقِبِ . ح: 8040 - 8680

He who masters his experiences will be safe from harm, while he who feels needless of experiences will be blind to consequences [of actions]. H: 8040, 8680

التّجارِبُ علمٌ مُستفادٌ . ح: 1036

Experiences are a beneficial knowledge. H: 1036

رأيُ الرّجُلِ على‏ قَدْرِ تَجرِبَتِهِ . ح: 5426

The worth of a man's opinion is measured by his experience. H: 5426