The covetous one is never satiated.

الحِرْصُ عَناءٌ مُؤبَّدٌ . ح: 982

Covetousness is a terminal [source of] distress. H: 982

الحِرصُ مَطِيَّةُ التَّعَبِ . ح: 280

Covetousness is the mount of pains. H: 280

الرِّزقُ مَقْسومٌ ، الحَريصُ مَحْرومٌ . ح: 96

Sustenance is allotted, and the covetous is denied. H: 96

مَن حَرَصَ شَقِي وتَعَنّى‏ . ح: 7723

The one who covets is wretched and miserable. H: 7723

الحَريصُ لا يَكْتَفي . ح: 365

The covetous one is never satiated. H: 365

شِدَّةُ الحِرصِ مِن قُوَّةِ الشَّرَهِ وضَعْفِ الدِّينِ . ح: 5772

Intense covetousness arises from ardent gluttony and weakness of faith. H: 5772

الحِرصُ يُزْري بالمُرُوَّةِ . ح: 1107

Covetousness stains one's gallantry. H: 1107

الحَريصُ فَقيرٌ ولو مَلَكَ الدُّنيا بحَذافيرِها . ح: 1753

The covetous one is poor even if he owns the whole world. H: 1753

على‏ الشَّكِّ وقِلَّةِ الثِّقَةِ باللَّهِ ، مَبْنى‏ الحِرصِ والشُّحِّ . ح: 6195

Covetousness and meanness are founded on doubt and lack of trust in Allah. H: 6195

الحِرصُ لا يَزيدُ في الرِّزقِ ، ولكنْ يُذِلُّ القَدْرَ . ح: 1877

Covetousness does not increase sustenance, but rather it degrades a person's value. H: 1877

الحَريصُ أسِيرُ مَهانَةٍ لا يُفَكُّ أسْرُهُ . ح: 1370

The covetous is a captive of a lowliness whose captivity is never-ending. H: 1370