Quran, the most eloquent book sent to man
Publish Date: 1/26/2017 Code: 56128

Quran, the most eloquent book sent to man

In the first meeting from the series of ‘Reviewing the Translations of the Holy Quran, Iranian scholar Baheddin Khorramshahi said that he has loved the Quran since he has known himself.

According to IBNA correspondent, the meeting was held at the public library of Hosseinyeh Ershad, on Saturday, with the noted author, translator and Quran scholar Bahaeddin Khorramshahi, Massoud Ansari and a group of scholars and literary figures in attendance.

In this event, Khorramshahi stated: “It is due to the divine nature of this great book that today, after more than 1400 years, close to 1.7 million Muslims of different sects and faiths live all over the world.”

Khorramshahi stated that he is in love with this book since he has known himself because of its unique charm, and that he has been acquainted with it since childhood. He said that he constantly studied the sources in his father’s library and found that the eloquence of the Quran lies in its translation.

He referred to some of his own translations of the holy book and said that this translation of the Holy Quran is published in three different sizes with the calligraphy of Othman Taha and has been edited four times by Messrs.’ Ansari and Kariminia and three times by himself.

Furthurmore, 70 reviews have also been made to the work of which those in accordance with the principles are used in the correction of the work.

Source : IBNA