Hoarding is the habit of the dissolute.

الاحْتِكارُ داعِيَةُ الحِرْمانِ . ح: 256

Hoarding is the cause of deprivation. H: 256

الاحْتِكارُ شِيمَةُ الفُجّارِ . ح: 607

Hoarding is the habit of the dissolute. H: 607

مِن طَبائعِ الأغْمارِ إتْعابُ النُّفوسِ في الاحْتِكارِ . ح: 9349

One of the characteristics of the idiots is exhausting themselves by hoarding. H: 9349

المُحتَكِرُ البَخيلُ جامعٌ لمَن لا يَشْكُرُهُ ، وقادِمٌ على مَنْ لا يَعْذِرُهُ . ح: 1842

The miserly hoarder gathers for those who will not thank him, and will come to Him who will not excuse him. H: 1842

المُحْتَكِرُ مَحرومٌ نِعْمتَهُ . ح: 465

The hoarder is deprived of his bounty. H: 465

الاحْتِكارُ رَذيلَةٌ . ح: 112

Hoarding is a vice. H: 112