The World

The world is a transitory and mobile thing, even if it remains for you, you will not remain for it.

مَثَلُ الدنيا كَظِلِّكَ ؛ إن وَقَفتَ وَقَفَ ، وإن طَلَبتَهُ بَعُدَ . ح: 9818

The parable of this world is like your shadow - if you stop, it stands still, and if you chase it, it distances itself from you. H: 9818

الدنيا سُوقُ الخُسرانِ. ح: 396

The world is the marketplace of the losers. H: 396

الدنيا مَعدِنُ الشرِّ ومحلُّ الغُرورِ . ح: 1473

The world is the origin of evil and the place of deceit. H: 1473

الدنيا مَزرعةُ الشَّرِّ . ح: 401

The world is a plantation of evil. H: 401

حُبُّ الدنيا يُوجِب الطَّمَعَ . ح: 4872

Love of the world engenders greed. H: 4872

العاجِلَةُ غُرورُ الحَمقى‏ . ح: 896

The transient world is the booty of the foolish. H: 1110

ما التَذَّ أحدٌ مِنَ الدنيا لَذَّةً إلّا كانتْ لَهُ يومَ القيامةِ غُصّةً . ح: 9618

No one tastes a worldly pleasure except that he will face a torment on the Day of Resurrection. H: 9618

عَلَيْكَ بالآخِرَةِ تأتِكَ الدُّنيا صاغِرةً . ح: 6080

Aim for the Hereafter and this world will submit to you in humility. H: 6080

الدنيا مَصرَعُ العقولِ . ح: 921

The world is the ground of ruin for the intellects. H: 921

الدنيا تُذِلُّ . ح: 3

The world lowers and abases [mankind]. H: 3

الفَرَحُ بالدُّنيا حُمقٌ . ح: 454

Being happy with the world is foolishness. H: 404

طَلَبُ الجمعِ بينَ الدنيا والآخِرةِ مِن خِداعِ النَّفْسِ . ح: 5995

Seeking to bring together this world and the next is from the deception of the soul. H: 5995

فسادُ الدِّينِ الدنيا . ح: 6554

The corruption of religion lies in [the vanities of] this world. H: 6554

ثَروَةُ الدنيا فَقرُ الآخِرَةِ . ح: 4705

The wealth of this world is the poverty of the Hereafter. H: 4705

الدنيا مُنتَقِلَةٌ فانيةٌ ، إن بَقِيَتْ لَكَ لَم تَبقَ لَها . ح: 1802

The world is a transitory and mobile thing, even if it remains for you, you will not remain for it. H: 1802

مَن أحَبَّ لِقاءَ اللَّهِ سُبحانَهُ سَلا عَنِ الدُّنيا . ح: 8425

He who wants to meet Allah Almighty must think no more of this world. H: 8425