A just government is one of the necessities.

ما حُصِّنَ الدُّوَلُ بمِثلِ العَدلِ. ح: 9574

Nothing fortifies states like justice. H: 9574

دَولةُ الأكابِرِ مِن أفضَلِ المَغانِمِ ، دَولةُ اللِئامِ مَذَلَّةُ الكِرامِ . ح: 5112 و 5113

The governance of senior people [of greater expertise] is one of the greatest advantages whereas the governance of wicked people humiliates noble people. H: 5112 & 5113

يُستدَلُّ على‏ إدبارِ الدُّوَلِ بأربَعٍ : تَضييعِ الاُصولِ ، والتمسُّكِ بالفروعِ‏  ، وتَقديمِ الأراذلِ ، وتأخيرِ الأفاضِلِ . ح: 10965

The fall of states can be discerned by four things: neglect of the fundamentals, embracing peripheral matters, bringing contemptible ones to the forefront and relegating the virtuous ones. H: 10965

دولَةُ العادِلِ مِنَ الواجِباتِ. ح: 5110

A just government is one of the necessities. H: 5110

مِن أماراتِ الدَّولَةِ اليَقَظَةُ لِحِراسَةِ الاُمورِ. ح: 9360

Vigilance in taking care of the affairs is a sign of [the permanency of] sovereignty. H: 9360

مِن دَلائِلِ الدَّولَةِ قِلَّةُ الغَفلَةِ. ح: 9410

Lack of heedlessness leads to the [permanency of the] states. H: 9410

ما حُصِّنَ الدُّوَلُ بِمِثلِ العَدلِ. ح: 9574

Nothing has safeguarded states like justice. H: 9574

أماراتُ الدُّوَلِ إنشاءُ الحِيَلِ. ح: 1230

Deceptions are the roots of the transformations of the states. H: 1230

مَن جارَت وِلايَتُهُ زالَت دَولَتُهُ. ح: 8365

He who wrongs in his rule, his state will decline. H: 8365