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The Infallibility of the Divine Prophets

Morteza E.Khorasani

Abstract: The subject of this article is the meaning of infallibility in terminology and practice; and the elements and requirements of infallibility according to the holy traditions and the Qur¨anic verses.
The writer has discussed the views of the theologists and traditionalists about the "Infalliblity of the Prophets". In this research, he has talked about the elements aspects of infalliblity, the science andwisdom, obedience of the Almighty. God, His blessings, and the holy Spirit.
Keywords : Infalliblity: its meaning / In falliblity: requirements / Infallibility: necessities reasons / Divine message / the Prophets: Characteristics.

Is The Practice of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) Observale in the Behaviors of the Holy Imams (p.b.u.t), or in the Practice and
views of the Companions?

A.Heydari Nasab

Abstract: The holy Prophet¨s practice and traditions include the interpretation and explanation of the holy Qur¨an, and teachings of Islam. The historical record of that practice is done with some changes and interferences. Therefore, any access to the true practice of the holy Prophet requires a serious effort.

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