ABSTRACTS No. 71 - Page 218


Criteria and Characteristics of Early Rijal Scholars in Discrediting Narrators

Mahdi Gholamali

The first field studied on discrediting narrators by the early rijal scholars is the characteristics of narrator’s way of hadith scholarship. A narrator’s hadith scholarship can be considered as his commitment to the process of hadith transmission. Narrators in the process of their education courses learn hadiths from teachers who have proven competence and then transmit them to the next generation through their good memory. In the past, some regulations were used by the scientific community governing this process (from memorizing to writing). If someone acted against the process, rijalis would denounce his performance or discredit him. Rijalis, with regard to the circumstances of the narrator, have pointed to the likely damages made by the narrator during transmitting hadiths so that mistakes of the narrator do not enter into the teachings of the Imami school of thought. Sometimes they have outlined principles and practices in order to explain the limit of possible damages, so that hadith scholars can easily identify them.

Key Words: Criterion, Discredit, Early Scholars, Narrators, Shia Rijalis.

An Essay on the Historical Data of al-Kafi

Esmaeel Ethbati

Sayyed Kazem Tabatabaee

Shaykh Kulayni for writing al-Kafi has used resources and books which were written before him and mentioned them in his tariqs (chain of documents). Sheikh Kulayni has not obtained the contents of some resources directly from their authors but from the generations after the authors. In this

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