The peak of good management is the employment of moderation.

حُسنُ السِّياسَةِ يَستَدِيمُ الرِّياسةَ . ح: 4820

Good management prolongs one's [term of] leadership. H: 482

حسُنُ التَّدبيرِ وتَجَنَّبُ التَّبذيرِ من حُسنِ السِّياسَةِ . ح: 4821

Efficient organisation and avoidance of squandering is part of good management. H: 4821

سُوءُ التَّدبيرِ سَبَبُ التَّدميرِ. ح: 5571

Disorganisation is the cause of destruction. H: 5571

رَأسُ السِّياسَةِ استِعمالُ الرِّفقِ . ح: 5266

The peak of good management is the employment of moderation. H: 5266

مَن ساسَ نَفسَهُ أدرَكَ السِّياسَةَ . ح: 8013

He who is able to manage his own self truly understands management [will be able to manage others]. H: 8013

سُوسُوا أنفُسَكُم بالوَرَعِ ، وداوُوا مَرضاكُم بالصَّدَقَةِ . ح: 5588

Manage your selves with piety, and cure the sick ones from among you with charity. H: 5588

آفَةُ الزُّعَماءِ ضَعفُ السِّياسَةِ. ح: 3931

The downfall of leading politicians is [due to] their poor management. H: 3931

مِن حَقِّ المَلِكِ أن يَسُوسَ نَفسَهُ قَبلَ جُندِهِ . ح: 9333

It is the duty of a king to manage his own self before his army. H: 9333

حُسنُ السِّياسَةِ قِوامُ الرَّعِيَّةِ. ح: 4818

Good management acts as a support for one's subjects. H: 4818

مِلاكُ السِّياسَةِ العَدلُ . ح: 9714

The yardstick of good management is justice. H: 9714

مَن قَصُرَ عَنِ السِّياسَةِ صَغُرَ عَنِ الرِّياسَةِ. ح: 8536

He who fails in politics will be belittled in leadership. H: 8536

سِياسَةُ العَدلِ ثَلاثٌ: لينٌ في حَزم، واستِقصاءٌ في عَدل، وإفضالٌ في قَصد. ح: 5592

The policy of justice lies in three: leniency along with prudence, full enforcement of justice and generosity along with moderation. H: 5592

أصعَبُ السِّياساتِ نَقلُ العاداتِ. ح: 2969

The hardest of all policies is to change habits and customs. H: 2969

مَن حَسُنَت سِياسَتُهُ دامَت رِياسَتُهُ. ح: 8438

He whose administration is good, his supremacy will last. H: 8438

حُسنُ السِّياسَةِ يَستَديمُ الرِّياسَةَ. ح: 4820

Good politics immortalizes supremacy. H: 4820

مَن حَسُنَت سِياسَتُهُ وَجَبَت طاعَتُهُ. ح: 8025

He who follows good politics, obedience to him will be made incumbent. H: 8025

آفَةُ الزُّعَماءِ ضَعفُ السِّياسَةِ. ح: 3931

Political feebleness is the blight of the leaders. H: 3931