Beware of wrongdoing, for the living days of one who wrongs others become odious.

الظُّلمُ ألأمُ الرَّذائلِ . ح: 804

Wrongdoing is the most painful of all vices. H: 804

الظُّلمُ يُزِلُّ القَدَمَ، ويَسلُبُ النِّعَمَ ويُهلِكُ الاُمَمَ . ح: 1734

Wrongdoing causes feet to slip, snatches away bounties and destroys nations. H: 1734

مَن جارَ أهلَكَهُ جَورُهُ . ح: 7835

The one who tyrannises others is ruined by his own tyranny. H: 7835

ظُلمُ الضَّعيفِ أفحَشُ الظُّلمِ . ح: 6054

Wronging the weak is the most atrocious type of injustice. H: 6054

مِن أفحَشِ الظُّلمِ ظُلمُ الكِرامِ . ح: 9272

One of the most atrocious types of injustice is to wrong kind people. H: 9272

إيّاكَ والظُّلمَ؛ فَمَن ظَلَمَ كَرُهَت أيّامُهُ . ح: 2638

Beware of wrongdoing, for the living days of one who wrongs others become odious. H: 2638

راكِبُ الظُّلمِ يَكبُو بِهِ مَركَبُهُ . ح: 5391

The one who takes wrongdoing as a mount is thrown off by it. H: 5391

مَن ظَلَمَ قُصِمَ عُمرُهُ . ح: 7940

The life of one who wrongs others is shattered. H: 7940

أنفَذُ السِّهامِ دَعوَةُ المَظلومِ . ح: 2979

The most piercing arrow is the plea of the oppressed. H: 2979

الظُّلمُ بَوارُ الرَّعِيَّةِ. ح: 807

Injustice ruins the subjects. H: 807

الظُّلمُ يُدَمِّرُ الدِّيارَ. ح: 1068

Injustice devastates the cities. H: 1068

بِئسَ السِّياسَةُ الجَورُ. ح: 4404

Wrongdoing is the worst of policies. H: 4404

مَن ظَلَمَ دُمِّرَ عَلَيهِ ظُلمُهُ. ح: 7836

He who oppresses will be destroyed by his oppression. H: 7836

الظُّلمُ يُزِلُّ القَدَمَ، ويَسلِبُ النِّعَمَ، ويُهلِكُ الاُمَمَ. ح: 1734

Oppression causes the steps to stumble, brings about an end to blessings and destroys nations. H: 1734

مَن لَم يُنصِفِ المَظلومَ مِن الظّالِمِ سَلَبَهُ اللهُ قُدرَتَهُ. ح: 8966

He who does not secure the rights of an oppressed from the oppressor, God will dispossess his power. H: 8966

مَن ظَلَمَ رَعِيَّتَهُ نَصَرَ أضدادَهُ. ح: 7815

He who does injustice to his subjects assists his adversaries. H: 7815

مَن عامَلَ رَعِيَّتَهُ بِالظُّلمِ أزالَ اللهُ مُلكَهُ، وعَجَّلَ بَوارَهُ وهُلكَهُ. ح: 8740

He who treats his subjects unjustly, God would destroy his sovereignty and expedite his overthrow and destruction. H: 8740

مَن جارَ مُلكَهُ تَمَنَّى النّاسُ هُلكَهُ. ح: 8742

He who wrongs in his statecraft, people will wish for his ruining. H: 8742

مَن جارَت أقضِيَتُهُ زالَت قُدرَتُهُ. ح: 7943

He whose judgments are unjust, his power will vanish. H: 7943