He who brings justice to cities, God will bestow His mercy upon him.

جَعَلَ اللَّهُ سُبحانَهُ العَدلَ قِواماً لِلأنامِ، وتَنزيهاً مِنَ المَظالِمِ والآثامِ، وتَسنِيَةً لِلإسلامِ . ح: 4789

Allah, Glory be to Him, made justice a support for mankind, an eliminator of wrongs and sins, and a facilitator for Islam. H: 4789

بِالعَدلِ تَصلُحُ الرَّعِيَّةُ . ح: 4215

The masses behave righteously through justice. H: 4215

أعدَلُ النّاسِ مَن أنصَفَ عَن قُوَّةٍ . ح: 3242

The most just person is he who uses his strength even-handedly. H: 3242

غايَةُ العَدلِ أن يَعدِلَ المَرءُ في نَفسِهِ . ح: 6368

The peak of justice is for a person to be just in himself. H: 6368

اعدِل تَمِلك. ح: 2253

Observe justice and you will rule. H: 2253

اعدِل تَحكُم. ح: 2223

Do justice to [be able to] govern. H: 2223

لَن تُحَصَّنَ الدُّوَلُ بِمِثلِ استِعمالِ العَدلِ فيها. ح: 7444

Nothing safeguards states like practicing justice in them. H: 7444

اعدِل، تَدُم لَكَ القُدرَةُ. ح: 2285

Do justice so that your authority may continue. H: 2285

الطّاعَةُ جُنَّةُ الرَّعِيَّةِ، وَالعَدلُ جُنَّةُ الدُّوَلِ. ح: 1873

Obedience is a shield for the subjects and justice is a shield for the governments. H: 1873

ثَباتُ الدُّوَلِ بِإِقامَةِ سُنَنِ العَدلِ. ح: 4715

The stability of governments is [dependent upon] setting up just traditions. H: 4715

مَن عَدَلَ في سُلطانِهِ استَغنى عَن أعوانِهِ. ح: 8669

He who does justice will be in no need of companions. H: 8669

العَدلُ قِوامُ الرَّعِيَّةِ. ح: 697

Justice is [the source of] stability for the ruled. H: 697

حُسنُ العَدلِ نِظامُ البَرِيَّةِ. ح: 4819

The advantage of justice is its organizing of people. H: 4819

العَدلُ نِظامُ الإِمرَةِ. ح: 774

Justice is the system of ruling. H: 774

العَدلُ أفضَلُ السِّياسَتَينِ. ح: 1656

Justice is the best of two policies. H: 1656

مِلاكُ السِّياسَةِ العَدلُ. ح: 9714

Politics can be measured by Justice only. H: 9714

خَيرُ السِّياساتِ العَدلُ. ح: 4948

The best of politics is [doing] justice. H: 4948

لا رِياسَةَ كَالعَدلِ فِي السِّياسَةِ. ح: 10895

No mastery is like justice in politics. H: 10895

الرَّعِيَّةُ لا يُصلِحُها إلّا العَدلُ. ح: 1342 و 4215

The subjects are not reformed except through justice. H: 1342 4215

قُلوبُ الرَّعِيَّةِ خَزائِنُ راعيها، فَما أودَعَها مِن عَدل أو جَور وَجَدَهُ. ح: 6825

The hearts of the ruled are treasures of the rulers. Whatever justice or injustice he stores in them, he will find [the same]. H: 6825

بِالعَدلِ تَتَضاعَفُ البَرَكاتُ. ح: 4211

In the shadow of justice, bounties multiply. H: 4211

مَن عَدَلَ فِي البِلادِ نَشَرَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ الرَّحمَةَ. ح: 8638

He who brings justice to cities, God will bestow His mercy upon him. H: 8638

لَيسَ ثَوابٌ عِندَ اللهِ سُبحانَهُ أعظَمَ مِن ثَوابِ السُّلطانِ العادِلِ، وَالرَّجُلِ المُحسِنِ. ح: 7526

No reward is greater with God than the reward for a just ruler and a benevolent person. H: 7526

اِستَعِن عَلَى العَدلِ بِحُسنِ النِّيَّةِ فِي الرَّعِيَّةِ، وقِلَّةِ الطَّمَعِ، وكَثرَةِ الوَرَعِ. ح: 2408

In establishing justice, seek assistance from having goodwill towards people, little expectation and plenty of piety. H: 2408

العَدلُ قِوامُ البَرِيَّةِ. ح: 806

Justice is [the source of] stability for people. H: 806

مَن عَمِلَ بِالعَدلِ حَصَّنَ اللهُ مُلكَهُ. ح: 8722

He who acts with justice, God will safeguard his kingdom. H: 8722

فِي العَدلِ الاِقتِداءُ بِسُنَّةِ اللهِ، وثَباتُ الدُّوَلِ. ح: 6496

In justice lies the emulation of Divine traditions and [grounds for] stability of the Governments. H: 6496

العَدلُ أقوى أساس. ح: 863

Justice is the strongest foundation. H: 863

كَفى بِالعَدلِ سائِساً. ح: 7031

Justice is the only sufficient policy. H: 7031

اِجعَلِ الدّينَ كَهفَكَ، وَالعَدلَ سَيفَكَ؛ تَنجُ مِن كُلِّ سوء، وتَظفَر عَلى كُلِّ عَدُوٍّ. ح: 2433

Make religion your sanctuary and justice your sword so as to be safeguarded from any evil and gain victory over every enemy. H: 2433

ما عُمِرَتِ البُلدانُ بِمِثلِ العَدلِ. ح: 9543

Cities will not flourish except through justice. H: 9543

مَن عَدَلَ تَمَكَّنَ. ح: 7711

He who does justice will gain power. H: 7711