The scholar is the one who is never satiated with knowledge, and never becomes full of it.

رَأسُ الفَضائلِ العِلمُ ، غايَةُ الفَضائلِ العِلمُ . ح: 5234 و 6379

The fountainhead of all virtues is knowledge and the peak of all virtues is knowledge. H: 5234

العِلمُ مِصباحُ العَقلِ . ح: 536

Knowledge is the lamp of the intellect. H: 536

العِلمُ نِعمَ الدَليلُ . ح: 837

Knowledge is indeed a good guide. H: 837

العِلمُ حَياةٌ . ح: 185

Knowledge is life. H: 185

كلُّ شَي‏ءٍ يَنقُصُ عَلَى الإنفاقِ إلّا العِلمَ . ح: 6888

Everything decreases with giving away except knowledge. H: 6888

إذا رَأيتَ عالِماً فَكُن لَهُ خادِماً . ح: 4044

When you see a scholar, be a servant to him. H: 4044

مَن وَقَّرَ عالِماً فقَد وَقَّرَ رَبَّهُ . ح: 8704

He who shows reverence to a scholar has revered his Lord. H: 8704

عَلى المُتَعَلِّمِ أن يُدئبَ نَفسَهُ في طَلَبِ العِلمِ ، ولا يَمَلَّ مِن تَعَلُّمِهِ ، ولا يَستَكثِرَ ما عَلِمَ. ح: 6197

The student must discipline himself in his quest for knowledge, and not become bored of learning, nor overestimate what he already knows. H: 6197

مَن أكثَرَ الفِكرَ فيما تَعَلَّمَ أتقَنَ عِلمَهُ ، وفَهِمَ ما لَم يَكُن يَفهَمُ . ح: 8917

He who gives a great deal of thought to what he learns masters his knowledge, and comes to understand that which he could not understand before. H: 8917

العُلَماءُ حُكّامٌ عَلَى النّاسِ . ح: 507

The scholars are the governors over people. H: 507

ثَمَرَةُ العِلمِ العِبادَةُ . ح: 4600

The fruit of knowledge is worship. H: 4600

ثَمَرَةُ العِلمِ إخلاصُ العَمَلِ . ح: 4642

The fruit of knowledge is sincerity of action. H: 4642

عَلَى العالِمِ أن يَعمَلَ بِما عَلِمَ ، ثُمَّ يَطلُبَ تَعَلُّمَ ما لَم يَعلَمْ . ح: 6196

It is incumbent upon the knowledgeable man to act upon what he knows, and then to seek to learn that which he does not know. H: 6196

خَيرُ العُلومِ ما أصلَحَكَ . ح: 4962

The best type of knowledge is that which improves you. H: 4962

أعلَمُ النّاسِ المُستَهتَرُ بِالعِلمِ . ح: 3079

The most knowledgeable of people is he who is infatuated with knowledge. H: 3079

يَنبَغي لِمَن عَلِمَ شَرَفَ نَفسِهِ أن يُنَزِّهَها عَن دَناءَةِ الدّنيا . ح: 10930

It befits one who knows the dignity of his own self to deem it too great for the vileness of this world. H: 1093

ثَمَرَةُ العِلمِ مَعرِفَةُ اللَّهِ . ح: 4586

The fruit of knowledge is attaining inner knowledge of Allah. H: 4586

أعلَمُ النّاسِ بِاللَّهِ أكثَرُهُم لَهُ مَسألَةً . ح: 3260

The person who best knows Allah asks of Him the most. H: 3260

العالِمُ مَن لا يَشبَعُ مِنَ العِلمِ ، ولا يَتَشبَّعُ بِهِ . ح: 1740

The scholar is the one who is never satiated with knowledge, and never becomes full of it. H: 1740

لا يُحرِزُ العِلمَ إلّا مَن يُطيلُ دَرسَهُ . ح: 10758

Only he who lengthens  his study attains knowledge. H: 10758

ثَمَرَةُ العِلمِ العَمَلُ بِهِ . ح: 4624

The fruit of knowledge is action in accordance with it. H: 4624

العالِمُ الّذي لايَمَلُّ مِن تَعَلُّمِ العِلمِ . ح: 1303

The scholar is the one who never gets bored of gaining knowledge. H: 1303

العالِمُ حَيٌّ وإن كانَ مَيِّتاً ، الجاهِلُ مَيِّتٌ وإن كانَ حَيّاً . ح: 1124 - 1125

The scholar is alive even when he is dead, whereas the ignorant man is dead even though he may be alive. H: 1124 & 1125