Int’l Conference on Interdisciplinary Quranic Studies in Tehran
Publish Date: 3/7/2017 Code: 57103

Int’l Conference on Interdisciplinary Quranic Studies in Tehran

The first international conference on interdisciplinary Quranic studies got underway here in the Iranian capital on Monday.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences’ Faculty of Public Health hosted the first panel of the conference.

The papers presented at the panel featured interdisciplinary studies on the Quran and Health.

In his welcoming speech, Ali Montazeri, the scientific secretary of the conference, described the event as one of outstanding activities of the Iranian Academics’ Quranic Activities Organization.

He also thanked other government bodies for contributing to the international conference.

Montazeri noted that some 300 papers were submitted to the secretariat of the conference, out of which 39 will be presented at the three-day conference and 117 will be published.

He further underlined that the conference aims to highlight the importance of methodology in interdisciplinary Quranic studies.

Elsewhere, Montazeri noted that humanity is facing fundamental challenges in the field of health that can be tackled by returning to the Fitrat (innate nature) and Divine teachings.

The other two panels of the event will feature methodology of interdisciplinary Quranic research, and studies on the Quran’s organizational system.

They will be held on Tuesday morning and afternoon at the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Theology.

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