The Desire

Beware of having desires overcome your hearts, for their beginning is an enslavement and their end is ruin.

الهَوى‏ إلهٌ مَعبودٌ ، العَقلُ صَدِيقٌ مَحمودٌ . ح: 2217 ، 2218

The desire is a worshipped god, and the intellect is a praiseworthy friend. H: 2217 & 2218

اللَّذّةُ تُلهي . ح: 27

Pleasure deters [from Allah and the hereafter]. H: 27

أوَّلُ الشَّهوَةِ طَرَبٌ ، وآخِرُها عَطَبٌ . ح: 3133

The beginning of desire is [heralded] by joy and its end by ruin. H: 3133

إيّاكُم وغَلَبَةَ الشَّهَواتِ على‏ قُلوبِكُم ؛ فإنَّ بِدايَتَها مَلَكَةٌ ، ونِهايَتَها هَلَكَةٌ . ح: 2746

Beware of having desires overcome your hearts, for their beginning is an enslavement and their end is ruin. H: 2746

عَبدُ الشَّهوَةِ أذَلُّ مِن عَبدِالرِّقِّ . ح: 6298

The slave of his own desire is more humiliated than an owned slave. H: 6298

مَن تَلَذَّذَ بِمَعاصي اللَّهِ أورَثَهُ اللَّهُ ذُلّاً . ح: 8823

He who takes pleasure in acts of disobedience to Allah, Allah will strike him with humiliation. H: 8823

رَدْعُ النَّفسِ عَنِ الهوى‏ الجِهادُ الأكبَرُ . ح: 5393

Prohibiting one's self from desire is the greater struggle (jihad). H: 5393

غالِبِ الهَوى‏ مُغالَبَةَ الخَصمِ خَصمَهُ ، وحارِبْهُ مُحارَبَةَ العَدُوِّ عَدُوَّهُ . ح: 6421

Conquer desire the way you would overcome an opponent, and fight it the way you would fight an enemy. H: 6421

غالِبِ الشَّهوَةَ قَبلَ قُوَّةِ ضَراوَتِها؛ فإنّها إن قَوِيَت مَلَكَتْكَ واستَقادَتْكَ‏  ولَم تَقدِرْ على‏ مُقاوَمَتِها . ح: 6444

Take over the desire before it becomes ravenously strong, for if it is empowered it will control you and lead you, and you will not be able to resist it. H: 6444

مَن قَوِيَ هَواهُ ضَعُفَ عَزمُهُ . ح: 7959

He whose desire becomes strong, his determination weakens. H: 7959

حَرامٌ على‏ كُلِّ عَقلٍ مَغلولٍ بِالشَّهوَةِ أن يَنتَفِعَ بِالحِكمَةِ . ح: 4902

It is forbidden for every intellect that is shackled by desires to benefit from wisdom. H: 4902

كُلَّما قَوِيَتِ الحِكمَةُ ضَعُفَتِ الشَّهوَةُ . ح: 7205

The more wisdom is strengthened, carnal desire is weakened. H: 7205

مَن كَمُلَ عَقلُهُ استَهانَ بِالشَّهَواتِ . ح: 8226

He whose intellect is complete finds carnal desires insignificant. H: 8226

مَن غَلَبَ شَهوَتَهُ ظَهَرَ عَقلُهُ . ح: 7953

 Whoever overcomes his carnal desire his intellect will become manifest. H: 7953

بمِلكِ الشَّهوَةِ التَّنَزُّهِ عَن كُلِّ عابٍ . ح: 4354

In controlling desire there is immunity from every deficiency. H: 4354

الجاهِلُ عَبدُ شَهوَتِهِ . ح: 449

An ignorant person is a worshipper of his desires. H: 449

رأسُ العَقلِ مُجاهَدَةُ الهَوى‏ . ح: 5263

The peak of reason is to combat desires. H: 5263

قَرينُ الشَّهوَةِ مَريضُ النّفسِ ، مَعلولُ العَقلِ . ح: 6790

The associate of the desire has a sick soul and an ill intellect. H: 2790

مَن كَرُمَت علَيهِ نَفسُهُ هانَت علَيهِ شَهوَتُهُ . ح: 8771

He who honours his soul, his desires become insignificant for him. H: 8771

مَن لَم يَملِكْ شَهوَتَهُ لَم يَملِكْ عَقلَهُ . ح: 8995

He who cannot control his desire cannot control his intellect. H: 8995

رَدُّ الشَّهوَةِ أقضى‏ لَها ، وقَضاؤها أشَدُّ لَها . ح: 5390

Repelling one's desire is the best way to eradicate it, and fulfilling it only strengthens it. H: 5390

غالِبوا أنفُسَكُم على‏ تَركِ العاداتِ تَغلِبوها ، وجاهِدوا أهواءكُم تَملِكُوها . ح: 6418

Conquer your selves through abandoning habits and you will overcome them, and combat your desires and you will control them. H: 6418