The Story of Hadith in the Reign of Muawiyya

Nad-Ali Ashuri-Taluki

Upon studying the story of hadith in the reign of Muawiyya, it is found out that there were three kinds of treatment vis-a-vis hadith: (1) banning the dissemination of hadiths, (2) falsification of hadiths, and (3) forging hadiths. With this classification, the writer elaborates banning the dissemination of hadith and the harsh treatment of Muawiyya with hadith transmitters. He also instatiated some examples which were especially applied to the hadiths related from Imam Ali. In explanation of the manner of falsifying hadiths, mention is made of literal and semantic manipulation of hadiths, done at the instance of Muawiyya. With regard to the polities of forging hadiths, the main attempts of Muawiyya, some such hadiths are mentioned. They are concerned with the virtues of the Ummayds, Muawiyya, and the justification of monarchy.

Key Words: Banning the Dissemination of Hadiths, Falsification of Hadiths, Forging Hadiths.

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