In Defence of the Hadith (Pt.9)

Mahdi Husaynyan-Qumi

In this part, the writer of this series of articles is concerned with falsifications made in the hadiths; hence marking them as being forged is a simple way to escape from accepting and interpreting them; this is practiced by some people. He holds that falsification has been practically very rare in the body of Shiite hadiths. Based on such principles, he criticizes the book Al-Akhbar al-Dakhila, compiled by Allama Muhammad-Taqi Shushtari, in which some hadiths are regarded as forged or falsified; he nevertheless regards them defensible and interpretable and does justice to them. The hadiths discussed are as follows: 1. A fiqhi (jurisprudential) hadith of Imam Muhammad al-Baqir, reporting that in a congregational prayer, the ma'mum (viz. follower) should not recite two rak'as of the obligatory ritual prayers.  2. On the derivation of the name Fatima from the Divine name al-fatir. Explaining in detail on f-t-m and f-t-r, he cites and draws upon ample evidence from authoritative Arabic lexicons. 3. A claim on the falsification of the word jahadat used in the Ashura prayer. 4. On a tradition which Abdullah b. Sanan reported from the Prophet in which the Prophet said to a woman not to get out, while her husband was on a trip and her father died of a serious illness at the same time.

Key Words: Falsifications, Al-Akhbar al-Dakhila, Allama Muhammad-Taqi Shushtari, Defence of the Hadith.

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