A Report on Amir al-Muminin Specialized Library

Ali Raha

Amir al-Muminin Specialized Library was opened up in Mashad in the summer 1379 Sh /1999. The article is a report on its facilities which houses over 4,000 books. Its books are classified as follows: 1. Major subjects: These include books on the history of Imam Ali, written on his virtues, treated the case of Ghadir, and imamate. There are also some books on Shiite studies as well as books on the translations and exegeses of the Nahj al-Balaghah, and Ghurar al-Hikam. 2. Minor subjects: these include such topics and titles as Imam Ali in the Mirror of the press, and Foreign Books on Imam Ali. In the excerpts section, everything written on the Ahl al-Bayt are selected. The other sections are concerned with facsimile, computer, and audio-visual facilities. The library has also held several exhibitions and fairs in a number of cities. Its addresses are: Po Box 91375-3975, and: asl@emamreza.net

Key Words: Amir al-Muminin Specialized Library, History, Virtues, Imamat.

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