Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA)'s Birth Anniversary Celebrated as Women's Day
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Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA)'s Birth Anniversary Celebrated as Women's Day

Shia Muslims throughout the world, including Iran, held ceremonies on Sunday to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hazart Fatima-Zahra (SA) and Women

Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA)s Birth Anniversary

Celebrated as Women s Day

Fatima was born in the fifth year of Mohammad s Prophethood (PBUH). Her father was the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and her mother was Khadija. (Khadija was the first woman to become Muslim, and she truly believed in God and His Prophet. She was loyal and rich, and spent all her wealth for the progress of Islam.)

The Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) loved his daughter, Fatima, very much and used to say about her, "Fatima is part of my body. Whoever troubles her troubles me, and whoever makes her happy makes me happy." At the beginning of her youth, Fatima married Imam Ali (AS).

She was the ideal lady of Islam and excelled all ladies in worship, manners and morals. For her husband, she was the best wife and for her children, she was the best mother.

She did the housework and took great pains and troubles upon herself to maintain and prepare the necessities of life.

She never made undeserving demands on her husband, Imam Ali (AS), nor caused him any hardship. Imam Ali (AS) used to say, "By God, I never did anything in all my life which made Fatima unhappy or angry, and Fatima, too, never did anything which made me unhappy or angry."

Fatima had two sons, Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hossein (AS), and two daughters, Zaynab and Umme Kulthum. The descendants of the Prophet are from the children of Holy Fatima. Our eleven Holy Imams are descendants of the lady Fatima (SA).

Fatima loved her children very much. She cultured them with Islamic morals, manners and etiquette and brought up her children to be the best. Fatima - peace be upon her soul - passed away on the 3rd of the month of Jamadi al-Thani, at the age of 18. Her body was entrusted to the earth in Medina, but the whereabouts of her grave are not known.


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